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Producers and directors are welcome to call us at the number above while we finalize a contact form on this page.

If you are an actor interested in being considered for our projects, please be sure to submit on the official breakdowns we release on Actors Access and Casting Networks, as it’s via our accounts with those services that we prep all our projects and we don’t handle casting related prep via email.

If you’re an actor interested in information about the on-camera workshop series we offer by invitation and referral, or if you’re interested private coaching with Amy via Zoom, you’re welcome to email us at the following address, which is not for general mail or submissions, but dedicated solely to correspondences about our educational offerings:

Actors are also encouraged to visit the testimonials page on our site to see workshop reviews from actors, agents and managers.

We also encourage everyone to explore our various social media, where we share great new content, as well as cool updates and inspiration!

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