“Amy Gossels is one of my most trusted and respected colleagues. Quite simply, she’s the best in the business. As a producer, there’s no one I’d rather be casting with. With her keen sensibility, creative vision, vibrant energy, steadfast determination and infinite talent and enthusiasm, she has the unique ability to find that needle in the haystack, those rare gems that literally ignite a piece. She’s also remarkably generous and a truly collaborative spirit, which makes working with her an absolute joy. You’ll never find a casting director who cares more about her projects and the people she works with or delivers more spectacular results.”

Aaron Kinsley-Brooks – Producer

“The best casting director in NYC. Period. I’ve known Amy Gossels for many years; we first met when she came on board to cast my short films while I was at Columbia Graduate school and most recently, she cast my feature “Love Hunter” which was a NY Times Critics Pick and garnered great reviews by every other important critic. What made this film a success were the great actors – and all of them came through Amy’s casting. She reached out to actors who otherwise would never have considered such a small project, but who trusted her judgement completely and embraced the project, despite the micro budget. Amy has an unmatched passion for her work and always exceeds expectations and elevates the production. I’m beyond grateful to have her on my team. If Amy takes on your project, you are fortunate indeed, as her contribution will be immeasurable.”

Nemanja Bala – Director

“As a filmmaker and commercial director, with critically acclaimed films at Sundance and other major festivals, I first met Amy Gossels 10 years ago, while casting a commercial project I was directing for a major pharmaceutical client. I had never been completely satisfied with what casting directors delivered in the past, and never felt the whole hearted commitment I was hoping for. I had recently graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate Film School, and several former classmates who were colleagues in the industry, had worked with Amy and couldn’t have recommended her more highly. So, I reached out and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Amy is the consummate professional with an incredible eye for talent. She has an independent sensibility, so her casting always bring depth, skill, and authenticity to the project. She works with not only the most seasoned talent, including well known actors, many of whom she counts among her close friends, but with newcomers as well; Amy’s incredible instincts bring actors from all different backgrounds to the table that not only mesh with your directorial vision but also ultimately elevate that vision. She also brings heartfelt integrity and commitment to the entire process, shows tremendous respect toward actors, and is great to have on your side when making final decisions with your clients. I would never trust casting my projects to anyone else.”

Sera Rogue – Director

“I brought Amy on board to cast my most recent film and her energy, enthusiasm and expertise were a huge asset to the project. It was a very tough casting situation, which involved little kids with heavy dialogue, very specific physical types and large numbers of diverse players. Amy came through with tons of great options very quickly, was always up to the challenge and was incredibly generous with her time. Amy’s impeccable reputation precedes her, and now I know why first hand. So many people in our industry with 20 years under their belt get to a point where they start to just go through the motions, but not Amy. When she takes on a project, she commits wholeheartedly and delivers. I couldn’t be happier. Amy rocks.”

Keith Bearden – Director

“As a filmmaker, I’ve been a fan of Amy’s work for many years, and when I finally had the chance to work with her, I couldn’t have been happier. Amy just gets it. She’s an extremely intuitive, upbeat, out-of-the-box thinker, who makes her clients’ needs her number one priority. No matter what the challenge, she always comes through with flying colors – and in exciting, unexpected ways! It’s a wonderful feeling to be in her uniquely capable hands and she’ll always be my first call when I shoot in New York.”

Sacha Cesana – Director

“I can’t say enough good things about Amy Gossels. She invest so deeply in the projects she takes on, and that, coupled with her incredible talent, shows in everything she does. Whether it’s the brilliant casting she did for her recent feature “Love Hunter” or her wonderful work on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver , she always hits it out of the park.

Claire Scanlon – Director

“Amy is my go-to casting director in NYC. I’ve worked with her on multiple projects ranging from a Sundance Institute-supported short film to a series of beauty videos. She is unbelievably talented at finding the best talent, and everyone loves working with her. I’m amazed by her deep connections in the industry and the incredible breadth of her carefully forged relationships with talent, ranging from A-list actors to international fashion models. And as bonus, she is also a great producer and script consultant. I highly recommend working with her on any type of project!”

Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt – Director

There are no words that can fully express how grateful I am to Amy Gossels. Amy took on our film If We Must Die last fall as a producer and casting director and I was thrilled she was then able to take on my next film Puppy Love”. I can honestly say these films literally exist thanks to Amy’s incredible work and generosity. In fact, the films don’t just exist, they are films we couldn’t be more proud of or excited about. From the very beginning, Amy helped us in such a determined and positive way, championing us and our projects to name actors and generating interest in our film. I still can’t believe how many unbelievable opportunities came our way because of Amy’s passion and commitment. She lined up countless meetings with amazing, well-known actors whom she knows personally, something we could never have even imagined in our wildest dreams. Not only was each actor Amy suggested perfect for the role, she went on to successfully lock in all of our first choices, despite their very complicated film and television schedules and the fact that they command rates that are much higher than we were able to offer. Moreover, every single actor was wonderful to work with, which made everything easy and a joy on set. Amy is an outstanding casting director and producer. There’s no question about that. But, she’s so much more. She also became our most trusted collaborator and our essential creative partner in the entire filmmaking process. I cannot imagine moving forward with a film without Amy as an integral part of my team.

Giovanni Ferrari – Producer

When it’s time to make a new film or shoot a commercial, Amy Gossels is the first phone call I make. I met Amy when she was generous enough to work on my Columbia graduate thesis film, “The Hirosaki Players,” which went on to win several grand jury prizes, including Best Short at the Woodstock Film Festival in 2010. Amy later cast my web series pilot, “Office Hours.” Even though we were working with a very small budget, Amy was able to land an incredible cast. Her instincts are always spot on and she’s highly respected by the most accomplished actors in town, which is why directors trust her. And just last month, on a moment’s notice, Amy pulled together a cast of thirty beautiful actors who also happened to be fantastic dancers for a commercial I was shooting. If Amy goes to bat for you and your project, consider yourself one very lucky filmmaker.”

Jeff Sousa – Director

“Amy Gossels is the best casting director I’ve ever worked with. She’s extremely gracious, has incredible integrity, is one of the most generous people I know and is always a pleasure to work with. Moreover, she always delivers more than I even hope for when launching a project. Amy cast my latest feature, which got glowing reviews, in large part thanks to her. Whenever we screened the film, audience members were awestruck by the cast and I heard over and over how engaging, likable and interesting the actors were, while remaining so real and natural, that people couldn’t even tell for sure if they were actors! This, to me, is the highest compliment. Amy brings a boundless energy and commitment to her projects, unlike anyone else I know. If you have the good fortune of working with her as I’ve had, you’ll get it. She’s simply the best.”

Branislav Bala – Producer

Amy Gossels is a phenomenal casting director and without question, the best in the business. I met Amy through industry colleagues and am always amazed by her work and her work ethic. I’m thrilled with how she consistently raises the bar when it comes to my projects, and I know my colleagues feel exactly the same way. She’s a tremendous asset to any project and I can’t recommend her more highly.

Biljana Ilic – Producer

Amy Gossels is remarkable in every way. As a casting director, as a producer and as a person. She’s wonderful to work with and always brings extraordinary actors to the table. And she does so with her unique combination of skill, intuition and grace. She’s always my first choice and I work with her whenever she’s available. I also refer all my colleagues to her and always hear such glowing feedback about their experience and how grateful they are that I pointed them in her direction!

Bogdan Wolfeschausenbergerdorff – Producer & DP


“Prepare to be amazed!! I have worked on camera for years, and, in fact, have a few Emmy Awards in broadcasting, and when I decided to take the audition workshop that Amy Gossels Casting offers, I thought I was merely brushing up with two lovely casting directors.

Instead, Amy rebooted my mindset, my confidence and my audition technique. Amy challenged me in ways I never expected and zeroed in on the exact areas I needed to improve. She showed me precisely how to make adjustments so that my on-camera auditions were spot on. Not a moment was wasted. Amy gets right to the heart of the matter. Unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with, Amy prepares you to audition with real success in the real world.

I was also so pleased to hear from one of the agent guests at our final session and have a meeting with her next week. Amy knows exactly what she’s doing and how to get the best from you. As tough as this business is, after working with Amy, you’ll be ready for it!”

Polly Kreisman – Actor

“One of the luckiest things I ever did was sign up for a one-on-one workshop with Amy. After only 15 minutes, I had an entirely new understanding of what it takes to give a great audition. I came away with more spot-on direction than month long classes with others. I took the direction she clearly articulated into an audition later that week and booked the job. So, naturally, I wanted to work with her more. Her on-camera classes were sold out for a few months, but I finally got in. And you know what? I came away with an acting career. I continue booking steadily and landed two agents, thanks to Amy. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Amy and her workshops. Each one was inspiring and empowering in its own way. I owe my career to her dedication and skill as a teacher.”

Helene Moloff – Actor

“Thank you so much, Amy, for the awesome commercial audition masterclass you gave at SAG-AFTRA headquarters. In less than an hour, you imparted game-changing wisdom and a whirlwind of spectacular tips, and I am super grateful to you. It was also a great plus to be able to work with you while all that was fresh in my mind! Thanks again for your fantastic seminar!

Mitch Lerner – Actor

“I feel so lucky to have met Amy Gossels and to have had the chance to take part in her fabulous workshop. With a wealth of experience in the industry, her approach is both professional and personal, and her classes combine her own very tried-and-true techniques that she teaches in the most accessible way, along with a warm personalized approach to both the process and the individual. Her commercial workshop gives actors super clear and specific tools to master the on-camera audition and start booking more work right away. I walked away with a whole new perspective on auditioning, and a renewed confidence in my ability to deliver in the room.

I initially signed up for Amy’s workshop hoping to improve my on-camera technique and possibly secure commercial representation, and both things happened! I now have a great new set of tools and information I will continue to use in every audition, and after the final class, I was called in by one of the agent guests and signed to their commercial team and I just booked a commercial and was flown to LA to shoot. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Elizabeth Zephyrine-McDonough – Actor

I got more out of Amy’s workshop than I ever dreamed possible and literally owe my New York acting career to Amy and her class.

Not only has Amy’s support has been phenomenal and propelled me forward, I left her workshop with a totally new approach to auditions that I haven’t seen taught anywhere else, as well as great new industry insight, both of which are serving me at all my auditions, including my film auditions! Plus, Amy referred me to a new casting resource that’s led to so many auditions, which means I’m getting out there much more than ever before; and her technique is working because not only has my callback rate skyrocketed, I’m booking. I also landed a great role in an upcoming feature and that too is something that never would have happened without Amy. And as if all this weren’t enough, I also came away from her workshop with a manager and an agent!

If you’re looking for a workshop that teaches unique and extremely effective audition skills, challenges you while building you up, shows you how to increase your audition opportunities and your success rate and could also lead to representation, you’ve found your place! I’m so grateful to have met Amy and for all that she and her workshops have done for me!”

Salem Murphy – Actor

“After taking a one-on-one workshop with Amy Gossels, I immediately knew she was the teacher for me. Amy just nailed it, and even after working with her for just a few minutes, everything began to click. I moved on to her Weekend Intensive and then her Evening Series, both of which are fantastic. I gained so much insight on specific techniques and tactics to use in a commercial audition and continue to book work as a direct result. Working with Amy also raised my confidence level and I now go into auditions with this new attitude that “I’ve got it going on.” An indispensable tool! And to top it all off, I was called in and had offers from both of the reps who were Amy’s guests at our final session. Thank you, Amy, for this incredible opportunity and career-changing experience!”

Frances McGarry – Actor

“Amy Gossels’ workshop is hands down the BEST actors’ workshop out there, especially if you want to learn how to ace your auditions. Amy’s workshop not only gives you incredible skills and confidence to book, when it comes to your career, it’s like suddenly finding yourself in the highway HOV lane versus the backroads. There’s so much I can say about Amy and her workshop, but I’ll just tell you this. WHAT I LEARNED FROM Amy completely changed and catapulted my career! I’ve been booking great work ever since, including principal roles on “The Blacklist” and “Mr. Robot”. Her class is brilliant because it’s tailored to each individual actor; Amy intricately dissects your work and then swiftly brings it to an entirely new level. Amy is pure awesomeness and I tell every actor I meet to take their workshop. Thank you, Amy, for ETERNITY!!”

Daniel Danielson – Actor

“To get straight to the point, Amy Gossels and Eliza Khan are two of the hardest working, friendliest, most talented and most accomplished members of the NYC casting community that you’ll ever meet. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with this dream team at Amy Gossels Casting for several years now – as an actor auditioning for their commercial and film projects, as a student in their workshops, as a reader for their casting sessions, and ultimately as an actor who has celebrated the opportunity to get booked on a few of the awesome projects that Amy has cast. Their casting sessions are inspiring, their workshops are eye-opening, and they’re amazing people to know and have know you. Regardless of whether you’re an actor, filmmaker or producer, working with Amy and Eliza will be one of the best decisions you ever make… Period.

Bryan Burton – Actor

“As a talent manager, I know Amy Gossels has an outstanding reputation as a casting director, so I decided it would be interesting to observe one of her workshops. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I don’t rave about anything. But, since observing her class last week, I can’t stop raving. Amy is simply amazing. What a joy it was to watch such a passionate and effective teacher at work. I have never seen anything like it.

Just the chance to work with a great casting director is worth the price of admission. But, with Amy’s workshop, that’s just icing on the cake, because her workshop is absolutely transformative. I was blown away. Amy teaches everything a good actor needs to know and do to connect with the camera. She also teaches actors how to bring words to life with absolute authenticity.

I watched student after student change, right in front of my eyes, from good to truly bookable talent. She brings the novice to a working actor and the seasoned actor to a master of their craft in a single class. It was incredible to watch the transformation. Even more impressive, the actors were working with commercial copy, yet Amy was able to coach every one of them to give completely sincere and honest reads. Her technique goes right to the heart of it. She gives 100% clear and concise instruction. I have never seen a casting director break it down so well and get such immediate and dramatic results.

If you’re serious about your craft and your career, Amy’s not only a exceptional casting director you should know, but she’s a teacher you need to work with. I would love every client of mine to take her class. And full disclosure, I get nothing from recommending Amy’s class, except even better, working actors. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s what it’s all about.”

Dawn King – Talent Manager

Taking Amy Gossels’ workshop is like being given a definitive roadmap to a successful acting career. She not only instructs, she inspires and empowers. Her workshop gave me the confidence and ability to approach auditions like a pro and the insight and advice she shared about the business had immediate results, and led me to land my first principal role in a global commercial 3 weeks later and a national spot shortly after! I can’t thank Amy enough for helping me kick off my career in NYC!

Robbie Dema – Actor

“I sat in on Amy’s on-camera workshop last week and was absolutely blown away! I’ve been a talent manager in NYC for the past 20 years and I’ve seen many great casting directors in action as teachers, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Amy shares breakthrough tools and indispensable tactics I’ve never heard before that totally transform an actor’s audition. Instantaneously. In observing this class, it’s as if I’ve discovered a secret weapon and I want every actor on my roster to train with Amy. Her workshop is vital to any actor looking to book more on-camera work!”

Lisa Calli – Talent Manager

“I’ve long admired Amy Gossels as a casting director, and I can now say from personal experience, her workshops are a must for actors looking to book more on-camera work. I’ve taken all 3 workshops she offers; I began with her one-on-one, moved on to her 1-day On-Camera Intensive and finished with her Evening On-Camera Series. Each workshop was eye-opening and extremely productive and built upon the last. After each experience, my work grew in ways I never imagined. Her knowledge, and ability to clearly communicate that knowledge, dramatically improved my work, and the industry introductions that were part of her evening series literally launched my career. She teaches a comprehensive and thoroughly effective technique to auditioning. I have so much more confidence and success with cold reads, and with auditions of any kind for that matter, because of Amy. I went from never getting a callback to nearly always getting a callback and booking after taking her class. Plus, through her workshop, I got signed with both a manager and an agent, both of whom send me out often! Amy also arms you with an awareness of how the business really works, so you can be more effective on your own as well, with or without representation. Thank you, Amy! You’re an extremely thoughtful, generous and effective teacher. I’m beyond grateful for all your help!”

Tori Grace Hines – Actor

“There are quite a few good casting directors out there, but very few of them are also truly gifted teachers. Amy wins out in the awesomeness department on every level. As a teacher, Amy’s insight and perception are astounding, and her ability to communicate everything so precisely while being so nurturing, make her one of a kind. Amy really set the bar when it comes to what casting directors should aspire to be, not only on a professional level, but on a personal one as well. She’s whip smart and unapologetically straightforward, which is so refreshing and those qualities are perfectly balanced by her generosity of spirit and her genuine supportiveness and warmth. I took away more than I ever could have expected from her class. I’ve never felt more alive, more prepared or more excited to forge ahead in this industry and I attribute that to the lessons and principles Amy not only taught us, but also stands for. I started booking commercials right after class ended. Thank you, Amy, for lighting this new fire in me and for giving me the tools to succeed. I am truly grateful!”

Patrick Fahey – Actor

“I got so much out of Amy’s workshop and have used those lessons in all of my auditions since. Amy was so good at telling me exactly what I needed to hear and do to make all the necessary adjustments. And, in watching myself during playback, I could see my own transformation and learned how to really deliver on-camera. I love Amy’s passionate yet straightforward teaching style and how her course was structured in such a results-oriented way. And, as a result of applying Amy’s techniques and tips in my on-camera auditions, I started booking almost immediately. Her workshop was invaluable to me and I am so happy that Amy came into my life!”

Heather Brittain O’Scanlon – Actor

“I took Amy Gossels’ on-camera commercial workshop and could not recommend it more highly. I am a seasoned actor with an established voiceover career, but I was hoping to transition into on-camera work. Amy’s workshop and spot-on training made that hope a reality. In fact, I booked my first on-camera principal role in a national network commercial shortly after her two week on-camera series. I continue to use everything I learned in Amy’s workshop. I now go into auditions with more confidence and the ability to give a strong first take, both of which are essential to success in this business. Amy’s workshop was invaluable to me and is vital for anyone planning to take their on-camera acting career to the next level.”

Robert Hickey – Actor

Amy Gossels’ class is the best on-camera class I’ve ever taken and I would shout that from the rooftops! I’ve taken a lot of classes over the years and many that cost much more than Amy’s, so looking back, Amy’s was an amazing deal. I just wish it wasn’t over! Amy gives such great individual feedback, including tips and adjustments that you’ll remember and use for the rest of your career. I learned more in 3 sessions than I learned in other classes this whole past year. I could tell Amy wanted to make sure I walked away a stronger actor. And I did. I was also thrilled that right after our final class, I heard from one of Amy’s guests who wanted to represent me. I enthusiastically recommend Amy’s class to actors at any level, whether you’re starting out or seasoned. You will absolutely improve. Thank you, Amy!”

Natalie Friedman – Actor

“I felt thoroughly supported and encouraged during Amy’s on-camera workshop because Amy and her associate Eliza are actors’ advocates. Amy distills her technique in an easily digestible way, and I especially appreciate that she keeps reinforcing the necessity of honoring the truth of the acting. Commercial copy shouldn’t be approached as a commercial, it’s a conversation! Amy is also uncommonly generous in giving us tools and answers to help build our career. And in class, I felt Amy’s focus and attention on each one of us, and her calm guidance and determination elicited our very best work. This class has given me renewed confidence to make stronger choices and I’m booking more than ever before. Thank you, Amy!”

Phoebe Mar – Actor

“I took Amy’s On-Camera Workshop last August and, a couple months later, booked a Hershey’s commercial! Thanks for the SAG card, Amy!

Claire Lowell – Actor

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in during one of Amy’s On-Camera Workshops and was literally BLOWN away. As a classically trained professional actor, I thought I knew all the secrets to a great audition. After all, I’ve been auditioning since the age of 8. I’ve also worked at numerous casting and talent agencies in LA and New York City, and am currently working full time at a NYC agency, so I’ve experienced auditions from both sides of the table. Over the years, I’ve attended all types of workshops. Amy’s class stands out from them all. I learned things from her in this 2-hour session that I haven’t heard in my 16 years in this business. I was so impressed by the transformation I saw in all the actors in that one session that am dying to sit in again and see Amy work more of her magic. My advice to every actor is this: TAKE THIS CLASS! I could not recommend it more highly!”

Jaclyn Hergott – Agent

Upon meeting Amy through an industry friend, I was immediately impressed by her poise, professionalism, and warm, welcoming demeanor, and was thrilled to then have the opportunity to join one of her sought-after workshops. As someone who has participated in dozens of seminars and workshops in New York City, to say that I was blown away by Amy and her workshop would be an understatement. I was literally speechless at how well-articulated and immaculately delivered her workshop was. Everyone in attendance was captivated by her every word. In a city saturated with acting classes and workshops, Amy is truly on another level. She is a master teacher, a true powerhouse. She is unparalleled in organizing and leading workshops that are not only groundbreaking and inspiring but also absolutely game changing. I’m somewhat new to the business and learned more than I ever thought possible, and I bet that the seasoned actors in the group learned more that night than in their countless years of training. I went on to book a commercial a couple of weeks later and had a blast shooting it, keeping all of Amy’s priceless tips in mind throughout the entire experience! Amy is absolutely amazing and the value and benefit of her workshop cannot be overstated!

Erin Davis – Actor